Mostly Piano

Juri's debut album on Innova Recordings

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"The extraordinary charm and inventiveness of composer Juri Seo’s piano music come into view within the first 10 seconds of this ingratiating compilation disc, as a brisk handful of chords keeps getting knocked off-kilter by a single dissonant note. [...] Also on display is a deep dive into the history of the instrument in the form of her Piano Sonata No. 1, which is subtitled “La Hammerklavier” and offers a winning gloss — sometimes abstract, sometimes point-by-point — on Beethoven’s legacy. And Seo’s “Études for Cimbalom,” which gets a dark, angular performance by Nicholas Tolle, shows the composer at her most evocative."

Joshua Kosman reviews Juri Seo's album Mostly Piano for the San Francisco Chronicle.

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"There is as with the other works a somewhat startling freshness about the music... For the spinning world we are in I must simply iterate that Juri Seo is a modern original, and that her music on the current volume veers into breathtaking territory at times, and for all that never seems content to work inside the usual trends that occupy much of the contemporary music world."


Grego Applegate Edwards on Classica-Modern Music Review.

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